Where to Fish in Londonderry NH

Saturday, June 2nd. It’s Free Fishing Day in NH – meaning you don’t need a license to fish (with the exception of broodstock salmon). This is a great day to take a kid fishing. Problem is… it’s raining. Even pouring at times. So you need to keep it local. Make it a short outing and you can still have some real fun.

So pack up the rain gear and bring some bug spray. Dig some worms from the garden – they’ll be close to the surface because the ground is wet. Worm and bobber fishing is probably the best thing to do with kids. Tell ‘em fish don’t mind the rain.

Places to fish in Londonderry NH:

Little Cohas Brook, seen from Hall Road in Londonderry NH

Looking for trout? There are a couple of spots that get stocked by NH Fish & Game.

  1. Little Cohas Brook, Hall Road – this pretty marsh can be accessed from Hall Road where the little brook meanders under a bridge. If you want to put in a canoe or kayak, there’s a larger marsh area to the north where it’s dammed up. (The dam is a good spot)
  2. Kendall Pond, Kendall Pond Road – close to south School you have an easily accessed area to fish. To be safe, just stay away from the dam itself and fish the pond above from the little park area.

Adams Pond sunfish will keep kids busy... and smiling.

Looking for panfish?

  1. Adams Pond, Adams Road – drive to the Tennessee Gas Pipe Line just before you get to the apple orchard, park just off the road and walk in (trail is too rough to drive). Or, for a little hike, park off the dirt road by U-Pick #1 and walk in on the Adams Pond Trail. At the trail head there’s a little irrigation pond that has water running into it. Good spot for bass. You’ll have the most space at the western end where its dammed up. You’ll find bass, sunfish, golden shiners and horned pout here.
  2. Pond at Mack’s Ice Cream – lots of golden shiners here, but a worm kept close to the bottom will yield horned pout. Remember to handle these fish carefully as getting stuck by spines on the dorsal and pectoral fins can be painful. The fish are heavenly eating – skinned and pan fried, if that’s your goal.

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