NH Fishing Log: September, Winnipesaukee & Winnisquam.

9/27/12 Lake Winnisquam, Sanbornton
Conditions: partly sunny, lt. breeze, 60s
Equipment: lead core trolling rod
Baits: streamers
Desperate to get in a little fishing on a designated salmon and lake trout water before season end Sept 30, I made a quick kayak trip after work. I didn’t get on the water until last light, so I rigged my battery powered stern light for safety and launched from the Sanbornton Town Beach, beautifully improved with steps and a path for a car top craft. Given that you can only fish for trout for a short time after sunset, this left me precious little time for a paddle. A September evening on Winnisquam, accompanied only by loons and migrating geese is truly worth it, every time. Fall “magic hour” fishing for trout and salmon that rise in the water column at last light is a fleeting treat. I only found smallmouth bass this time, but was rewarded with a paddle back to the beach over water shimmering in early moonlight.

9/16/12 Lake Winnipesaukee, Weirs Beach
Conditions: party sunny, windy, 60s-70
Equipment: lead core trolling rod & downrigger rods
Baits: spoons, streamers
There are days that you have to hold on to the old saying “a bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work”, even if you have to say it through gritted teeth. But that is fishing. Sure… I’ve had lead core line wind onto the boat prop. Unwound line from said prop in a wildly pitching boat. I’ve had a downrigger foul, release, catch and snap a cable, sending a good downrigger ball and gear into the deeps. I’ve had line that I carefully prepared the night before turn into an bird’s nest of Gordian proportions.  Today, I experienced all of this! (And the lead core was a brand new setup.) It’s the the kind of stuff you just have to laugh off, ’cause its all you can do – though, admittedly, there were moments I was the madman across the water. I did find some smallmouth bass – moved and found rainbow trout 35′ down that liked white perch pattern flies. The day salvaged, I gratefully zipped back to the launch before I furthered my misadventures.

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