NH Fishing Log: Rotary Derby, Winnipesaukee

2/8 & 9/14: Paugus Bay, Winnipesaukee, Laconia Conditions: Saturday – sunny, 30, light breeze; Sunday – “beach day” bright sun, 30s, calm Equipment: ice fishing gear – jigging rods, tipups Baits: live dillies, shiners/smelt, bucktail jigs, Swedish Pimple lures A couple of very nice days for this year’s Rotary Ice Fishing Derby… Our group setup camp in the middle of Paugus Bay. “Base camp” was a big ol’ bobhouse with a canopy attached where hot food and coffee was prepared. Part of the fun of the Derby is that it is as much a social outing as it is a fishing foray.

On Saturday, some of our members caught some nice fish – three of which were big enough to register on the leaderboard in Meredith. There was a log-like 26″ pickerel, a fat white perch and a deep 5.5lb lake trout. Sunday was quiet, but a simply magnificent day. Most of the fish were caught close to the bottom on shiners. We were covering depths from 15′-60′, with most action in the 20s & 30s. Anytime bait was brought into the water column, salmon would strike (salmon cannot be taken through the ice in NH). Given the spectacular weather conditions and good ice, lakes and ponds throughout the state were buzzing. Headquarters at Hesky Park in Meredith was wall to wall snowmachines, bobhouses, concessions, fishers, gawkers and folks playing in the snow. A great weekend to be out, fishing the waters of New Hampshire!

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