NH Fishing Log: Paugus Bay, Winnipesaukee 1/18/14

1/18/14: Paugus Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee, Laconia
Conditions: cloudy, light snow, calm, 32
Equipment: ice fishing gear – jigging rods, tipups
Baits: live smelt, live dillies (worms)

Met a friend on Paugus for the first ice fishing outing of the year. Fishing was slow: for four hours, we managed only a small lake trout and a lively adult salmon (which was released without removing from the lake). We tried live smelt, shiners and dillies searching for mostly lake trout and perch. Nonetheless, we had a fine day; it was quiet, overcast, comfortable and we were the only anglers on Paugus. We also got the opportunity to “test” the new toy… my fishing partner’s new mansion, er, bobhouse. A nice big bobhouse; we’re talking home built, insulated, heated, surveillance cameras for viewing tipups (that truly qualifies as over-the-top)… pretty plush digs. Paugus has many species. We found big yellow perch out here last year, some white perch, decent cusk and reliable lake trout. We’ll continue to test this spot for the Great Rotary Ice Fishing Derby coming up Feb 8 & 9 or we may go to Meredith Bay, Winnisquam, Highland Lake, Winona, Wicwas, Webster Lake, Massabesic…


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