NH Fishing Log: Mid-October

10/23/12 AM: Lake Opechee, Laconia
Conditions: sun & clouds, calm, upper 50s
Equipment: fly rod
Baits: emerger flies, wet flies
Where to go for trout when trout season is over? One of the waters that is managed year ’round for the taking of trout. Lake Opechee in Laconia is one of those places and is easily accessed, just off Elm Street, adjacent to Union Ave in the Lakeport section of Laconia. Opechee is part of the Winnipesaukee drainage and one of the things you’ll want to remember is to be sure not to fish the waters directly below the Lakeport dam – closed to all fishing. You can, however, fish the outflow in the lake itself, and its a terrific after-work spot because its so easy to get to. Keep in mind that this is also a good place to try at the start of salmon season. “Drop downs” from Winnipesaukee can be found here and the salmon that adapt to river life in Opechee’s outflow can be vigorous, exciting fighters. For more spots open year ’round for trout, see NH Fish & Game’s lists here: Pond & LakesRivers & Streams

10/15/12 AM: Saltmarsh Pond, Gilford
Conditions: sun & clouds, breezy, 70
Equipment: fly rod
Baits: dry flies and scuds
Last day of trout pond season and I left the office to scout a place that, I’m ashamed to say, I’ve given no attention to previously. Literally a mile from where I work, there is a gorgeous 40 acre trout pond, sitting atop a hill in Gilford. With Winnipesaukee and Winnisquam so close by, I just had not gotten around to exploring this neat spot. On this day, I took a flyfishing lunch break and had the place to myself to cast and plan next year’s visit. It looks fishy!

10/14/12 AM: Little Cohas Brook, Londonderry
Conditions: sun & clouds, 60s
Equipment: ultralight spinning rod
Baits: jigs, spoons
I had planned to do some carp fishing in the Merrimack, but was not able to access the spot I wanted to get to. So… A quick change of plans put me on Little Cohas for a little shore bank fishing. The brook, which runs through a nice marsh just south of Manchester/Boston Regional Airport, was glowing in fall color when I got there late in the day. This is a place that holds brook trout at times and, I understand, some horned pout (according to a recent story in the Northwoods Sporting Journal.) Nice place to bird watch, too.

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