NH Fishing Log: Late October

10/27/12 AM: Highland Lake, Andover
Conditions: sun & clouds, calm, 60s
Equipment: fly rod w sinking line for trolling
Baits: streamers
It was the calm before the storm, literally. 48 hours after my arrival the area would be hammered by hurricane Sandy, leaving part of nearby Webster Lake devastated by a freak thunderstorm “downburst” that rode Sandy’s petticoats. During my visit, it was calm and achingly beautiful. A peaceful Indian summer day on Highland Lake, which is another body of water managed by NH Fish & Game year ’round for trout. I found some enthusiastic rainbow trout here, as I paddled across the chrome surface. Leaves were mostly gone, save for the singular shocking splash of gold on gray bones of post autumn hillsides, looking like drips of yellow paint on bare canvas. I watched a juvenile eagle burst from wetland treetops and fly with massive wingbeats out across the lake, while a churchsteeple shined like a beacon in the distance. This place is worth a late season visit, holds bass, smelt and gets a stocking of brook and rainbow trout. The lake is also popular spot for anglers to set traps for suckers and I observed traps being worked during my outing.

10/25/12 AM: Lake Opechee, Laconia
Conditions: sun & clouds, lt breeze, 60
Equipment: fly rod
Baits: streamers, dry flies
A quick lunch break visit to work the other side of the inflow. I was having a busy, somewhat stressful day. Casting the fly rod… swinging flies and streamers out from the current through the eddies, sparkling in midday sun, really evened things out for me. I returned to work, calmer and grateful for having such nice places to fish so nearby. Here’s to fly fishing therapy!

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