NH Fishing Log: Late June

Looking south on the Merrimack River just above Manchester - city skyline visible in the distance.

06/30/12 Merrimack River, Hooksett
Conditions: sunny, breezy, 80s-90
Equipment: fly rod w sinking line and long leader for trolling
Baits: streamers
This trip was more of a leisure trip than a fishing trip, but I brought along my flyrod and did some trolling. There are a lot of factors that make this stretch of the Merrimack great. It’s a multi-species water; bass, sunfish, trout, salmon, carp and others can be found here, depending on the time of year. The boat launch in Hooksett Village, just below the dam, is terrific: a double lane launch with lots of parking. There are different environments that can be fished; look for trout and salmon in the rushing pools below the dam, and feisty smallmouth bass along the shoreline, by bridge abutments and stream outlets. You’ll want to be careful going under the rail bridges in Hooksett – BIG rocks await the unsuspecting. Run just to the left of the abutments on the right hand side heading downstream. South of those bridges, the river has a wilderness feel because there’s no development for a good stretch. Then, down by the Amoskeag Bridge, you can enjoy a large waterway and views of the city skyline. It all adds up to a convenient outing minutes from civilization!

My regular fishing partner, Roger Proulx of Just Maple, had some very successful late June trips in the Lakes Region. Catch his report on the Just Maple Facebook page.

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