NH Fishing Log: Early October, The Nashua River & Saltmarsh Pond

20131013-100514.jpg10/10/13: Saltmarsh Pond, Gilford
Conditions: mostly clear, calm, 60 >> 50s
Equipment: flyrodw sinking line set for trolling; ultralight spinning rod
Baits: wet flies – stonefly, nymph patterns; Mepps spinners

This pretty trout pond, high on a hill in Gilford, made for a great after-work session as I took the kayak out for an evening paddle. There were several insect hatches going on, including big yellow Hexagenia mayflys. The surface was pocked with sipping fish. On occasion, a more enthusiastic feeder would splash and jump. Given the bounty, I had one brief take… but other than that, no interest in my offerings.

At twilight, a pink glow, the vestiges of a magnificent sunset, shone through the forest, making the autumn colors of the opposite shore phosphorescence. I exited the water as darkness began to win out. I could still see rings of rises on the surface as fish continued to feed contentedly. The sun gone, fog laced the surface of the pond as temps dropped rapidly. It felt fully of October… one of those nights you get as Halloween approaches: quiet, chilly, beautiful and even a bit spooky. In the distance, a couple coyotes yapped and then howled, the sound floating across the water. The effect completed the evening perfectly. Cinching the kayak tight to my vehicle, I crunched slowly up the gravel road and headed home.


10/9/13: Nashua River, Nashua

Conditions: mostly cloudy, light breeze, humid, 70s
Equipment: flyrod
Baits: wet flies – stonefly, nymph patterns

Another lunch break casting for sunfish, hoping for some bass, at the Nashua River. Pretty spot with lots of autumn color. Biggest reward: a bald eagle fly-by. It’s wonderful to see such majestic birds, thriving in the midst of civilization. Thinking of returning here with kayak and camera…

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