NH Fishing Log: Early May trips

5/4/14 Little Cohas Brook, Londonderry NH
Conditions: sun & clouds, lt. breeze, 60s
Equipment: light spinning tackle
Baits: dillies (worms)
Seeing news that this brook in the north end of my hometown had been stocked the week before, I decided to kayak the narrow brook and explore using live bait. What I found instead was a truly wild place, alive with bird and animal life. Shores are undeveloped, though in the flight path of the local airport and on the edge of an industrial area.

Painted turtles by the dozen skittered away from my craft. Geese, honked loudly and swam ahead, making for a noisy escort. Redwing blackbirds chittered from the cattails; wood ducks and mallards rose from the grasses. A beaver eyed me briefly and submerged, nonplussed.  The treat of the outing: what appeared to be an albino blue heron that was spending a lot of time hanging out with two other large blues. They would fly, two at a time, swooping in the dance of courtship. Clearly, one was in for a disappointment.

5/3/14 Coffin Brook, Alton NH
Conditions: sunny, lt. breeze, 60s to 70
Equipment: light spinning tackle
Baits: dillies
Reading the NH Fish & Game stocking report, I did a little more exploring looking for new water. Found this nice brook repeatedly passing by the road in Alton and found a spot to drift some bait. Will be back to further explore this stream.


A broodstock salmon from the Pemi

5/2/14 Pemigewasset River, Franklin NH
Conditions: mostly cloudy, breezy, 50s-60
Equipment: fly rod with sinking line, set for trolling
Baits: streamers
A friend and I fished a stretch of the Pemi above the Eastman Falls Dam that can be sort of on or off. When the bites on, you have the opportunity to catch many different species. My fishing partner caught, and quickly released, a slinky broodstock salmon that provided the only strike of the evening.

5/1/14 Soucook River, Loudon NH
Conditions: cloudy, lt. drizzle, calm, upper 50s
Equipment: fly rod
Baits: emergers
Did a little recon on the way to work, checking Hot Hole Pond on the way to a convenient spot on the Soucook River. Spent only about 15 minutes casting here, looking for rises or activity and found none.

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