NH Fishing Log: Early February and The Meredith Rotary Derby

2/3/13: Canobie Lake, Salem
Conditions: cloudy, on and off snowfall, light breeze, 20s
Equipment: ice fishing gear
Baits: worms
This was a little shake down trip in preparation for the Great Meredith Rotary Derby the following weekend. Canobie gets stocked with some nice rainbow trout and with ice about 7″ thick, we had a midday outing. No trout, but we found some yellow perch willing to bite, or at least steal our bait!

2/9/13: Winnipesaukee [Paugus Bay], Lakeport, Laconia
Conditions: storm conditions, heavy snowfall, high wind, teens
Equipment: ice fishing gear
Baits: shiners, smelt, worms, jigs
Day One of the Meredith Rotary ice fishing derby, fishing during Storm “Nemo”. Line management was difficult. Thank goodness we had a bobhouse to provide respite from the snow and hard wind! Very little action, but then we weren’t working our lines as much as usual.

2/10/13: Winnipesaukee [Paugus Bay], Lakeport, Laconia
Conditions: sunny, calm, upper 20s
Equipment: ice fishing gear
Baits: shiners, smelt, worms, jigs
Day Two… what a difference! It was paradise on the ice. Our crew fished hard with outstanding results. Working an area in about 50′ of water, I tried setting bait just off the bottom in hopes of bringing lake trout, which some of our party previously had luck with. I had flags right from the start, then the action mellowed a bit. A member of our party, also set up for lake trout, brought in the biggest yellow perch I’ve ever seen! Measuring at 15.5″ and weighing about 1 & 3/4 lbs, the fish wound up 2nd in its category on the Sunday leader board. That was good for a $200 prize… Several more lake trout and perch were caught by our group. Using my jigging rod, I had a spirited fight from a salmon, which I was able to safely release. Salmon cannot be taken through the ice in NH. A great day to be out and one of the best days our group has had at the Rotary Derby!

Mark Jordan bringing in a big yellow perch that won him second place on Sunday during the Rotary Derby.

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