NH Fishing Log: 1st Week of May

Loons at the Moore Reservoir on the Connecticut River, Littleton NH

05/06/2012 Connecticut River, Moore Reservoir, Littleton
Conditions: cloud cover, calm, early, 50s; PM sun, breeze 70s.
Water temp: 51-54
Equipment: fly rod, light tackle
Baits: spoons, spinnerbaits, soft baits, shiners
The Moore Reservoir on the Connecticut River is a huge body of water that holds all sorts of fish. Traveling up through Franconia Notch early in the morning, passing Littleton, we arrived at a nice boat launch just off the highway, close to the dam. A pair of loons paddled over seemingly to greet us as we launched. Once out onto the lake, I was stunned by its expanse and wilderness feel. The shoreline is undeveloped save for the dam itself and the highway at the bottom end. What a beautiful place!

Our trip here was for northern pike and we pounded the shoreline with spoons, spinnerbaits and swimbaits, fishing hard. I also tried using the flyrod, flinging a bunny-strip pike fly. Quickly realized I’d chosen too small a rod to turn the fly over well.

Working a narrow deep pocket with an inflow we found some smallmouth bass. Finally, a bump and a flash of fins… I turned a pike using a small Daredevle lure but couldn’t produce more interest. We broke off midday to troll the deep waters of the impoundment, which run better than 180’ deep in places. I caught and quickly released a couple salmon smolt at the surface.

Even small northern pike can be a thrill. They're fast and strikes often come from nowhere.

Returning to the pocket where we turned the pike, I switched to a jighead threaded with a piece of rubber worm. By casting, letting it fall and twitching it in the drop offs, we hit a few more bass. An undersized but enthusiastic pike struck torpedoed the jighead, literally on my last cast of the day. That was when I realized we’d probably blown most of our opportunities that day by using glittery spoons and spinnerbaits – which I love using for pike. I made a mental note to not become too attached to my favs. By downsizing to more realistic and slower bait, I’d finally gotten what I’d come for.

05/04/2012 Little Cohas Brook, Londonderry
Conditions: cloudy, calm, 50s
Equipment: ultralight rod
Baits: worms
I returned again to see if I could find brookies in the impoundment area, walking in this time from Harvey Road, by the airport. It had been raining for a couple days prior. The water was colder and I was unable to turn any fish.

Water lilies just starting to flower at the end of April in an impoundment of the Little Cohas River in Londonderry NH

04/30/2012 Little Cohas Brook, Londonderry
Conditions: Sunny, lt breeze, 60
Equipment: ultralight rod
Baits: trout worms
Brought the kayak here to do a more thorough exploration of the marsh. A fantastic environment, I paddled past painted turtles that were lounging in the sun. Wood ducks and mallards skittered from hidden spots along the meandering main channel, one female making a dramatic show as she dragged her wing, feigning injury, as they do to draw predators away from a nest. A pair of huge blue herons flew past, their long-beaked heads drawn back as massive wings fanned majestically. There’s an impoundment: a couple of dams about a half mile paddle north of Hall Rd. This is where I finally found a nice brook trout in the outflow of one of the dams.

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