NH Fishing Log: 1st week of April

04/06/2012 Merrimack River, Franklin
Conditions: Partly sunny, breezy, 40s-50s
Equipment: fly rod
Baits: streamers
Another run for whatever we could find in this stretch that gets little fishing pressure, probably mostly because it produces only on occasion. Nice surprise on this trip. Caught and quickly released a 23”  salmon that attacked a grey & white salmon fly.

04/04/2012 Soucook River, Loudon
Conditions: Sunny, windy, 60
Equipment: fly rod
Baits: stone fly imitation, “88” streamer
A fun place to drop by is the Soucook river in Loudon, which passes under Rte 106. A few places above and below the dam in the village to fish here. It had recently been stocked with brook trout, judging by the amount of locals fishing the river. On this windy day, there seemed to be a number of hatches going on, including a stone fly hatch. Trout were doing splashy little takes at the head of the dam and I found I could get strikes by letting the fly sink, and then stripping it back in little bits. The wind finally won out, beating down my casts.

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