Call to Artists: December Display at Coffeeberries

UPDATE 11/25, 9:15am:

  • Hanging art this Friday night 11/30 @ 6pm
  • Remaining art goes up Sun 12/2 @ 2pm
  • Artist Reception Sunday 12/2 2pm-4pm


Do you have a painting, drawing or image of a winter or holiday/Christmas theme that you’d like to show off? Here’s a nice way to do it.

I am curating a very simple December display for Coffeeberries at the Apple Tree Mall.  I worked with owner Christine Adie to install a hanging system this past summer and have since helped her to hang work by LHS art students and local artists. Displays have been changing monthly.

Our plan is to hold a small reception with participating artists during December, date TBA.

Pieces by LHS art students hang at Coffeeberries in a summer display.

Here are the particulars for this show:

  • Artwork must be of a winter scene or have a holiday/Christmas theme.
  • Total space is limited to approximately 10 paintings. So I can display a range of work, please submit only one or two artworks.
  • Art will hang Dec. 1 – Dec. 30, UNLESS there is a large response. In that case, I will rotate artworks for a shorter time period. For instance, if I receive 40 paintings, I’ll hang 10 each week.
  • There is no fee to participate.
  • Any fine art medium is acceptable. Prints are also accepted.
  • Works do not need to be framed, but should be ready-to-hang with suitable hardware for a mounting on a hanging system. Artworks that have a hanging wire are best for this system.
  • Submitted artworks should be those that are for sale. Please be sure to card them with your contact information in such a way that you can handle inquiries. Coffeeberries will be far too busy to handle transactions.
  • If your submitted artwork is not for sale, please mark it clearly to indicate that.

The fine print:

  • Your artwork will be displayed at Coffeeberries at your risk. Participating artists must assume the risk of possible damage or loss as this is a public place. Coffeeberries, its employees and myself will not be responsible for any loss. However… Coffeeberries is a very safe environment, employees are always present while it is open and the store is absolutely secure after closing. Displays have not been disturbed at all and have been greatly enjoyed!  
  • As curator, I will select pieces based on quality of work and theme consistency, as well as available space! The owner of Coffeeberries will have final say on all entries.
  • In the case that you make a sale, I ask that you contact me so I replace the artwork/rearrange display as necessary. 

Participating artists are urged to bring their work then and I’ll help you hang it, or collect it for hanging later. If you can’t make it and are OK with me handling your work, I can work with you to get the artworks before the show and will handle hanging the pieces for you.

Interested? Please fill out the response form or call my cell: four-nine-six-3286. 

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One Response to Call to Artists: December Display at Coffeeberries

  1. ross therrien says:

    I own several pieces of artwork that my mother did. She was a local artist and very active in the art community…..back in the 70’s—-90’s. She past away in 2007 but her artwork lives forever. I have several winter scenes that she did that I would be interested in sharing with the public. They would be available for sale, if the opportunity arose. If interested I can send you the link privately so you can view some of her work.

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